This was a 2015 square foot job in Winter Garden

This beautiful home, had 60 years old terrazzo floors seen better days with several different types of flooring hiding its beauty over the years.  We found glue-down floor stains in the kitchen and deep carpet stains on the terrazzo in the living room and bedroom. We knew this job would be challenging.  After a couple stain treatments the beautiful gloss returned making the terrazzo shine throughout.  Using the latest mechanical and diamond abrasive technology along with 14 years of experience we were able to achieve a high level of gloss in the terrazzo floor for the first time since installation.

This was a ten days project.

After the first pass with the course grit, we knew the carpet stains was deep and would be even more of a challenge.  A second pass with the course grit helped considerably, along with our proprietary stain remover system. We were able to finally mute the stain.  Some stains are very difficult to remove because of the depth absorbed into the terrazzo.   We were able to deliver on the floors. Greenwise Flooring restored this 60 years old floor to better than its original glory.

Our customer was very happy with the results and was glad they made the choice to restore rather than to refloor.

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