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Geoffrey Woods, Founder

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Joffrey(I hope I spelled that correctly) was an INCREDIBLY nice and helpful person when I asked about polished concrete flooring for residential use. He explained in detail each step of the way and I am eternally grateful for his guidance. Thank you so much Joffrey! We need more men like you in this world.

Brian Sodre

Geoffrey did an excellent job with our terrazzo restoration. Very thorough, professional, and knowledgable. Most of all, the floors are gorgeous!! We'll definitely use him again!

Julie Lampe

Geoffrey at Greenwise Flooring did an amazing job restoring our terrazzo floors. We purchased a home in May 2018 that had terrazzo floors hidden under tile for 15 years. He explained the process, and kept us informed when they discovered some poorly damaged areas. He and his his crew removed the tile, restored the floors and they look amazing!! I can’t speak more highly of their work.

Leslie Ferre

These guys know what they're doing! Make sure you plan ahead and schedule with them quickly because they consistently book for weeks in advance.

Aaron Scheetz

Geoffrey is a craftsman and artist of the highest order. He completed a thorough estimate quickly with a detailed assessment of present state and specific recommendations with no pressure at all. Instead, he provided expert concise information that allowed me to quickly decide the best course of action. The restoration, of terrazzo floors from 1960, was remarkable. Geoffrey took the time to complete each step of this multi-tiered process carefully, not rushing but instead thoughtfully evaluating results as each step in the process was completed. The outcome was exceptional, with the floor looking like new after all these years, on time and exactly as quoted. Speaking of price, I took the time to research cost and found that Greenwise Flooring is the right choice for many reasons and was thrilled that the investment was also surprisingly affordable, with the total cost much less than installing even the cheapest carpet or laminate. With Geoffrey's skills and talent, the defining feature of my mid-century modern home-terrazzo floors throughout-are perfect and will shine for years. Excellent experience, value and outcome!

Scott U.

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