Polished Concrete

Polished-concrete is the ultimate sustainable flooring solution because no coverings or coatings are required for a finished concrete floor.  Most ordinary concrete slabs can be ground, polished and optionally dyed to create a beautiful solid surface, easy to maintain floor that exceeds OSHA slip resistance standards.

The popularity of polished-concrete can be seen around the world, from big-box retailers and industrial facilities, to cafes, salons and homes.  Polished-concrete is an extremely durable floor that maintains a beautiful appearance much longer than concrete sealed with epoxy or other coatings. 

Reduced maintenance costs are just one benefit of polished-concrete.  Polished-concrete does not require the use of messy topical coatings that need periodic replacement.  Polishing is done mechanically and can be isolated to specific area that require maintenance.  Floor maintenance on polished-concrete can resume without disrupting the surrounding area because it is done dry, using dust collection systems to eliminate dust.

Moreover, the sleek look of polished-concrete creates a dramatic impression that cannot be imitated.  It can be highly customized to make a statement or compliment any decor.


  • Eliminates the need for floor coverings, reducing your floor material cost to nothing.
  • Reduces our landfill intake, as there are no old floor coverings to be disposed.
  • No messy or hazardous materials such as epoxy, wax or urethane required.
  • Reduced electric consumption due to significant light reflection.
  • Isolated repair work eliminates the need to recoat entire floor area.
  • Exceeds OSHA and ADA slip standards.
  • Endless options for enhanced artwork and design attributes; score lines, colors, etc.
  • Can be ground to reveal aggregate, making it look similar to terrazzo.
  • Qualifies for LEED points.


  • Diamond grinding and polishing to finsihed product.
  • Project management and consulting.
  • Gloss and slip resistance testing.
  • Maintenance and after-care.
  • Training and maintenance instruction.


Installing a polished-concrete floor involves several steps that depend on the current condition of the concrete. Pricing is based on the number of steps required to deliver a finished product. To simplify this process, each project is broken down into the following phases.

For more specific pricing information related to your project, please Contact Us for more information.


Phase I – Demolition ($.25/SF – $2.00/SF)

This optional phase involves removing any floor coverings such as carpet, VCT, tile or wood.

Phase II – Surface Preparation ($.50/SF – $2.00/SF)

Surface peparation involves removing any coatings that might have been used to bond floor coverings to the concrete such as tile mastic or glue. This also includes coatings such as epoxies, paint and other topical sealers. During this phase, the top layer or cap of the concrete slab is removed. This is a required step.

Phase III – Polishing and Finishing ($3.50/SF – $5.00/SF)

This is where the prepared slab is transformed into a finished product. During this phase, the concrete is hardened with densifiers and polished with diamond abrasives to the desired level of shine. This is also when dyes or stains are applied, along with any other artwork. Small pits and voids are filled, along with any cracks, control joints and holes. At the end of this process, a stain guard is applied to the concrete.



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