This Job was 836 Square Feet.

This customer had pits all throughout the floor. Our traditional polishing would not have solved this issue so we had to apply a special grout to fill in all the pits. The end results were totally amazing and worth the extra time to grout.

This job took us four days.

On day 1 we protected the customer’s brand new kitchen remodel, we hooked up the power and water supply for our grinding machine and started our first round of grinding.

On day 2 we identified serious pitting throughout the floor and recommended grouting to severely reduce the amount of pitting. We went through the floor and installed new terrazzo patches where needed.

On day 3 we continued wet grinding to clean up the excess grouting and to prepare for the final polishing stage. Once we completed our wet grinding we soaked up and removed all the water for our final stage.

On day 4 we used our dry diamond polish to give the floor the ultimate glossy finish and completed the job on schedule.

The customer was amazed, the exact words were “Wow that looks amazing”.

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