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Terrazzo Restoration on Ivey Rd Casselberry

This was a 928 square foot job that we recently completed in Casselberry Florida.

Our customer removed all the carpets from the house and removed the glued down parquet floor in the kitchen prior to us starting the job.

The job itself took us four days.

  • On the first day we removed tack strips and nails from the floors.  Then we started the wet grinding process with a coarse grit.
  • Day 2 continued wet grinding from coarse grit to finer grit.
  • Day 3 We prepared the floor for dry polishing.  To do so all water, dirt, and debris must be removed as the floors dry overnight.
  • Day 4 We honed the floor by using our special dry polishing solution.

Going into this job we know the glue in the kitchen, where the Parquet floors were could be challenging.  Some floors absorb the glue deep into the pores of the terrazzo and others don’t.  In this case we were able to remove the glue and any discoloration.

We exceeded all expectations of our customer.   Her words were “my floors looks so good!”

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